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Prismlab won Prestigious DIMA Shoot
Add time:3/11/2010 11:50:00 PM Publisher:News center
Prismlab won Prestigious DIMA Shoot-Out for Minilabs


News from Image insider

PMA2010 Anaheim, CA February 19 2010 - Prismlab China has been awarded the top prize in the prestigious DIMA Shoot-Out for Minilabs for its TDS-1838 simplex (single faced printing) minilab. Last year, we produced a similar model which took the second place.
The print engine used in the TDS-1838 is identical to those used in the duplex (double faced printing) PSD-12 and PSD-18 models. Since Prismlab is the only company in the world that manufactures these revolutionary “double-faced” minilabs, which print images on both sides of the paper, there is no DIMA category established for entering double-faced prints. These minilabs use a special double-faced emulsion silver halide photographic paper, which is developed in standard color chemistry.
After several tests, the double-faced printing minilab was officially introduced at PMA2009, and was introduced for the first time by Chinese customers in July 2009. Since then, more than 90 machines have been installed in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin and other cities in China, which has considerably reduced the costs of making photo albums. The PSD-12 model has a maximum print size of 10x12”, while the PSD- 18 Model can make prints up to 12x18”.  Both models can also print onto regular single-faced silver halide paper. The latest versions of both models have obtained significant improvements in both soft- and hardware to meet the requirements of customers overseas.
Koki Huang, Managing Director of Prismlab China said, “We are especially proud of this award, which was achieved in a competition against prints from more well-known minilab manufacturers. It recognizes that our minilabs have achieved world class quality capable of producing prints as good, or even better than those of other international companies. We invite you to visit our booth at PMA and evaluate this quality yourself”

Milestones in the evolution of Prismlab are as follows:
• The Company was established in 2005. Tianma, a minilab manufacturing company, founded in 1985, was acquired as the manufacture base for Prismlab.
 • A digital conversion kit for enabling analog minilabs to produce prints from digital images, was developed in 2006 and Prismlab sold more of these units worldwide than any other company.
• In 2007, Prismlab developed its first integrated digital minilab.
• During 2008, in cooperation with Seiko Epson, Prismlab developed the PANDA LCD exposure engine.  Due to the success of this print engine, Prismlab became the largest Chinese minilab manufacturer based upon the sales quantity of digital minilabs.
• In 2009, Prismlab launched the double-faced minilab, with 90 kinds of configurations up to date.

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