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Company Introduction

Prismlab China Ltd. is a high technology enterprise with light, mechanism, electricity, computer soft- and hardware. It contributes to R&D production, sales and perfect service support, moreover, it is supported by US Prismlab and Shanghai TianMa photograph instrument Mfg.Co.,Ltd which was founded in 1985. All products have been sold to more than 50 countries around the world with good reputation. ‘US technology, excellent quality ’represents the company’s initiation. The E-mage series digital carrier has 9 times micro move, 27 times exposure technology, parallel light source system and color adjustment. It is a simple and fast printing system for vivid colors, which is able to update continuously by our timing support. Furthermore, our TDS series fully digital minilab and TM series digital minilab, which change analog photos into digital ones, has become extremely popular in the domestic market and well-known in the global market. With the processing technique development and upgraded software, TDS digital minilab can print pictures at max size 20*30 relying on the best quality assurance and management system. We obtained the CE certificate (which is the electrical products safety standard of Europe), and the certificate of the National Remarkable Product. Shanghai Yiying Digital Equipment Co.,Ltd has a professional research and development team. We also have the best quality control system, global market network, and continuous improvement of customers service support. Remote Access technology offers customers immediate and perfect technical support. Our factory is located at TianMa Town, SongJiang Industrial Zone, Shanghai, China. The sales office is at No.10, Lane 828, Xinzhu Road, Shanghai China. After 24 years of experience, we have become one of the best suppliers to sell digital processing equipments and other digital products. Prismlab China Ltd is a leader in the domestic photo-finishing industry and we hope to lead the global market in the near future!

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Prismlab TDS-1838 won DIMA sho
Prismlab won Prestigious DIMA
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