“Existing for Dental Digitalization”, Prismlab brought dental specialized 3D printer to 2020 Dental South China


25th Dental South China was held from 16th-19th September 2020 at Area C of China Import and Export Fair Complex in Guangzhou. As a weighty exhibition of dental industry, it attracted numerous enterprises in the industry to participate. In recent years, 3D printing technology has gained much attention as one of the key technologies of oral digitalization, and oral exhibition has also become a platform for 3D printing manufacturers to interact with the oral industry.

As the global leading 3D printing solution supplier, Prismlab will attend with the theme “Prismlab, Exist for Dental Digitalization” and it’ll be the debuted of its dental specialized 3D printer “RP-400D”.

With the theme of "Present new opportunity with one sight ", the exhibition covers an area of 55,000 square meters, with 850+ exhibitors and 160+ seminars. Prismlab has received more than 2000 customers in this exhibition, involving industry types including processing plants, clinics, dental institutions, doctors, agents and oral followers, etc.

As the combination of 3D printing technology and dentistry deepens day by day, general-purpose 3D printer can no longer meet the market demand. Special 3D printer for dentistry has become a new direction. Prismlab has changed its thinking and launched special models.

The RP-400D series of models and their supporting solutions utilizes the original Sub-pixel Micro Scanning (SMS) technology, the result of Prismlab's targeted research and development in digital dentistry. The whole package is based on the extremely exquisite printing accuracy and high printing speed, and the professional team of Prismlab tailor-made exclusive solutions for customers in various segments such as orthodontics and prosthetics.

everal leading global oral invisible orthodontic treatments technology, stealth unit production and sales service providers in-depth, enhanced the application of digital technology in dental industry, in combination with the practical situation of enterprises, for various enterprises to provide comprehensive digital dental solution - help restoration or implant customers to ensure quality and precision of the denture production, shorten the period, better service to patients with dental group. RP-400D have been widely used in the major dental technicians, and widely praised by customers.

Advantages of Prismlab RP-400D:

▶Ultra-fast speed: 5-10 times faster than parallel SLA equipment worldwide.

▶High output efficiency: hourly output over 1000g

▶Ultra-high printing accuracy enables large format printing at 50μm resolution in 400mm level

▶Diversified materials: customizable specific materials meet different applications

▶Industrial control devices: enable reliable stability

After years of technological accumulation and exploration, Prismlab's business scope has covered digital dental & medical sectors, shoe-making, cultural & creative, education and prototyping.