Architecture Area

At present, 3D printing has been relatively mature and extensively applied in personalized architectural decoration and models. Successful cases are literarily up to thousands, like the “water cube”, Shanghai World Expo Hall, the National Theatre, the Guangzhou Opera House, Shanghai Oriental Art Center, Phoenix International Media Center, Hainan International Conference & Exhibition Center, Sanya Phoenix Island etc.

In construction industry, designers use 3D printers to print building models, which are fast, low-cost, environmentally friendly and exquisite. 3D printing model is the best way to realize visual and barrier-free communication of architectural creativity, completely satisfies the design requirements, economizes materials and time.


The traditional architectural design procedures should go through drawing to digital model via software, and then manual production, which consumes much time. 

Prismlab series of printers adopt LCD light curing technology, which can superbly restore the details of digital CAD design, print parts possessing fine, smooth surface and complex structure, greatly shortening the model making cycle and accelerating the project progress. 3D printing also supports complicated parts, performing especially superior in the production of components of multi curved structure or special internal structure to traditional craft. In particular, some conceptual architectural concepts are only attainable by 3D printing. Therefore, it is ideal assistant for architects and interior designers.

Application of 3D printing technology in architecture:

● To assist design: 3D printing can quickly restore the design intention and assist to demonstrate the initial project. At the same time, it also provides designers and architects with a broader create space.

● Rapid model creation: Through rapid prototyping technology, 3D printing can quickly print the display model and intuitively show to customers.