Jewelry Area

Prismlab series of 3D printers use LCD light curing technology, and the prints are excellent in strength and toughness, which is capable of building with high precision and ensuring the superior surface of models. Fast printing speed can satisfy user's demands on continuous production of subtle parts, so it is especially ideal for jewelry designers to create sophisticated tiny objects.

Application of 3D printing technology in jewelry industry:

● Design communication & presentation: using 3D printer to quickly produce enough models for evaluation at early design stage not only saves time, but also reduces design defects.
●Assembly and function test: achieve the goal of product function modification, cost reduction, quality and market acceptance improvement.
● Personalized customization: with its efficient characteristics, 3D printing can help enterprises quickly response to customers' individual needs and seize the high-end market, such as jewelry customization.
● Direct production of jewelry or parts: since the application of 3D printing has gradually become popular, some novel jewelry products have emerged in endlessly. 3D printing of jewelry and clothing has been frequently seen in several international fashion weeks, which is very eye-catching and adds more splendor to the world.
● Dewaxing casting model: In virtue of 3D printing, the complicated manual procedures are eliminated and the wax mould production speed is accelerated.