Industrial 3D printing teaching and training base

Prismlab industrial 3D printing teaching and training base is a pilot unit of the Cultivation Center for talents in key fields located in Shanghai Zhangjiang High-Tech Industrial Development Zone. It is committed to cultivating industrial innovation talents and forming a platform for blazing new trails in system, management and service, so as to develop and gather the urgently needed 3D printing highly-skilled talents and serve the rapid development of new technologies, new industries, new patterns and new forms of business in Zhangjiang Development Zone.

Construction goal: becoming Shanghai's industrial 3D printing talents base by strengthening the cultivation of intelligent team, improving the service and technical conditions, training teams of high-tech professionals, integrating specialized service resources and developing training courses.

The practical teaching, scientific research and production of the base promote and develop each other. Give full play to the advantages of science and professional technology, apply 3D to the industrial market, and improve the teaching, economic as well as social benefits of running a school to achieve the development purpose of combining base production, study, research.

Carry out innovation in management services. Explore new talent joint training mode, establish practice base, innovate management system, reform the practice syllabus along with the plan, and attempt on creating an independent practical curriculum system.

We will promote the cultivation of innovators and entrepreneurial talents in specialized fields, organize activities and help professionals make innovations and start businesses. The teaching and training base of industrial 3D printing must be guided by new technology, keep up with the development of the international 3D industry, give full rein to the preponderance of the company, strive to cultivate professional and practical talents in innovation and entrepreneurship.