Printing Supplies

The SLA 3D printer independently developed by Prismlab not only has the characteristics of high precision and superior surface quality, but also gains multiple innovations in equipment operation. Among them, the replaceable resin tank system makes it much convenient for users to replace printing materials. And together with adjustable parameter LCD, the printer possesses great compatibility with dozens of photosensitive resin materials.

These materials include: ABS like resin with high toughness, rubber like flexible resin, transparent resin, but also other resin materials with special properties (high temperature resistance, dewaxing casting, etc.).

With years of industrial experience and the usage feedback of Prismlab 3D printing service center, Prismlab has developed divers resin materials of various uses and performances.

  • Prismlab RP-405-T series

    Dental specialized material with excellent toughness.
    Ideal for dental and orthodontic models.
  • Prismlab RP-405-I series

    High durability, stability and low shrinkage.
    Suitable for complicated precise parts with high impact resistance up to injection quality.
  • Prismlab RP-405-C series

    High direct investment casting ability, non-boiling, high burn-off rate.
    Perfect for high precision jewelry model.
  • Prismlab RP-405-S series

    High flexibility and stretching rate with soft touch.
    Suitable for elastic tear-resistant flexible sample like sole model.
  • Prismlab RP-405-G series

    Semitransparent, able to print high-strength, high toughness, waterproof precise products.
    Ideal for hearing aids, ear phones and other medical devices.