Design Area

Today, 3D printing technology has been initially applied in industrial creative product design, movie & animation, leisure tourism product, digital publishing and other industries. Its widespread applications will generate a great impact on the cultural and creative industry. With the development of technology and the increasing popularity of the Internet, 3D printing becomes a universal tool for DIY. All these progresses have made almost everyone a designer and a producer, and the boundary between producer and consumer is always blurring. 3D printing has given ordinary people the ability to create, to unfreeze the imagination limits, converting the past when invention and creation were the privilege of a few people, realizing ordinary people's personalized design thinking and expression needs, and truly achieving the national creativity and creation. 3D printing gives full play to this collective wisdom and makes the expression of creative design more diversified, popular and free.


Freedom, the most alluring features of Prismlab patented stereolithography (SLA) 3D printers, allows producing variety of articles with complex geometrical structures, such as inverted concave, overhang, free form besides basic geometries.

● Satisfying unique designs, truly liberate designers from the shackle of manufacturing technology to“get exactly what you want”.

● New forms of artwork creation become possible, expanding arts genres;

● It can help transform the materials of artworks, such as wood to ceramics, stone carving to metal casting. High-fidelity 3d digital model based on real objects can make copying and modification design more convenient and efficient.