Focusing on the Cultural & Creative, Prismlab stunningly appears on the 8th Shanghai international cultural creative industry expo


From 10th-12th July, 2019, the 8th Shanghai international cultural and creative design industry expo was successfully held in Shanghai new international expo center. As one of the world's leading 3D printing equipment providers, Prismlab was invited to participate in the exhibition with its flagship "Rapid" series of 3D printer RP400 and exquisite cultural and creative 3D printing models.

Cultural and creative industry is a sunrise industry in the 21st century. Since entering the new era, it has become the soul and foundation of urban construction and one of the key points to enhance the attractiveness, competitiveness and influence of cities. As a modern metropolis of China, Shanghai is determined to build itself into a cultural and creative industry center with international influence.

Additive manufacturing is a key factor in improving the technological innovation capability of cultural equipment. Cultural creativity is one of the core areas for the future development of Prismlab. Its original sub-pixel micro-scanning technology satisfies the requirements of ultra-high printing precision in the creative field of Cultural Creative, and can fully realize the designer's creativity and ideas. At the same time, it will greatly promote the promotion and application of cultural and creative products in the terminal market.

Professional consultants from Prismlab explained the technical features of 3D printing equipment to the visitor

Exquisite 3D printing exhibits

At the exhibition site, many visitors who paid attention to 3D printing were interested in the 3D printing technology and exquisite models of Prismlab at the booth to learn more about the products and services of Prismlab. Under the interpretation of professional sales consultants, all visitors had an in-depth understanding of Prismlab. By presenting its own exquisite cultural and creative models to highlight its own advantages in technology, products and services.

In line with the market changes and kept technically oriented, Prismlab has independently developed industrial-grade light-curing equipment that is leading domestically and internationally, as well as photosensitive resin materials with high performance and can be applied in many fields, in the highly competitive domestic and foreign markets. It has gained a place to force other photocuring equipment manufacturers and CNC machine processors. Through the successful transformation in 2013, Prismlab upgraded stereolithography to a “new dimension”, including material and software development and design, ultra-high resolution, accuracy, surface finish and market-leading cost-effectiveness.

With the support of national policies, China's science and technology enterprises have strengthened their technology investment, guaranteed technological leadership, and integrated industry resources, which have gradually spawned a group of leading industrial enterprises with international competitiveness like Prismlab. At present, 3D printing technology has gradually swept through an industry field, including manufacturing, medical, military, and construction. As the 3D printing technology continues to mature and the industry develops rapidly, the application scenarios of 3D printing technology will continue to expand, and market demand will also increase. Prismlab will seize this rare opportunity to go straight up.

In today's pursuit of individuality and diversity, it is difficult to meet the needs of consumers by simply using traditional crafts to create popular gifts. As the world's leading provider of industrial-grade Stereo Lithography Apparatus (SLA) 3D printing, Prismlab's "extra-fast printing speed, ultra-high printing accuracy" equipment advantages, designers only need an idea, from the creative concept to Personalized customization, one-stop presentation of unique works, truly realize what you want.

In the future, Prismlab will keep up with the market demand, take technology as the bone, and take innovation as the spirit to take root in the field of cultural innovation for additive manufacturing and take more responsibility.