Prismlab welcomes the presence and guidance from leaders of Songjiang district


On February 26, 2020, Li Qian, deputy secretary and chief of Songjiang District, Qiang Wei, Vice-District chief of Songjiang, accompanied by the leaders of Songjiang Science and Technology Park in Lingang, Shanghai, came to Prismlab for inspection and guidance.

Mr. Li and his delegation first visited Prismlab’s new 3D printing exhibition hall, and Hou Feng, chairman of the company, gave Mr. Li a detailed introduction of the company's development history and the achievements in the field of 3D printing, which got the praise from Mr. Li.

Subsequently, accompanied by Mr. Hou, Mr. Li and his team visited “The National Key Research and Development Project” of Prismlab: Micro-Nano Additive Manufacturing and Equipment Laboratory, and briefed Mr. Li on the phased achievements on the project.

Mr. Hou reported in detail to Mr. Li on the production and operation of Prismlab under the epidemic situation, as well as a series of preventive measures taken by Prismlab during the resumption of work after the festival. Mr. Hou said Prismlab started production in a timely manner while ensuring the safety of employees with the guideline of "strategically contemptuous and tactically focused" on the epidemic.

At the meeting, Prismlab also highlighted how the company in the current outbreak to turn "crisis" into "opportunity." Knowing that the 3D-printed mask adjuster could be very effective in helping the staff on the frontline of epidemic resistance, Prismlab quickly integrated great efforts, from design to mass production in just two days. Meanwhile, the new full-automatic 3D printing machine is used to greatly improve the printing efficiency. It is estimated that a fully automatic 3D printer can print about 6,000 mask adjusters a day.

By now, Prismlab has mobilized several fully automatic 3D printers for mask adjuster printing, and has donated or cheaply sold tens of thousands of adjusters through multiple channels. Currently, Prismlab is preparing to jointly donate 20,000 mask adjusters and other anti-epidemic materials to the frontline with BASF to make their own contribution to the fight against the novel coronavirus.

After hearing Mr. Hou’s introduction, Mr. Li fully affirmed Prismlab’s current policies and strategies, along with its support for anti-epidemic affair. At last, Mr. Li also actively encouraged Prismlab to continue to forge ahead, and wished Prismlab greater success in 2020.